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About RED Lip Talk


About RED Lip Talk

Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations 29 Sep 2011

RED Lip Talk is the woman in the room that every girl wants to be, but is afraid to be.
Here, women learn how to ignite their confidence by celebrating their natural beauty and timelessness as a woman: living HER, breathing HER, being HER.

Founded in 2011 by an Orange County local beach girl, RED Lip Talk was discovered through hours and years of girlfriends sharing their hurts, struggles, and of course, heart breaks. With each heart to heart story, RED Lip Talk grew and developed into a platform of wild inspiration straight out of the female soul. You see, women deep down are fierce in every sense. Combining this strength with the heavenly crafted beauty given, women are creators unlike any other.

RED Lip Talk is passionate about helping women see their natural beauty and want to celebrate it! Women throughout time have marked moments in history, health, education, politics, fashion, beauty, love….life. You my dear, are timeless! And here, RED Lip Talk celebrates that and provides elements in helping to get you there, to create your inner RED.

As our journey together grows, may you be inspired, feel release to the challenges we all face as women today and may you celebrate your beauty by finding the RED woman in you!

Join us today and get informed on our world of RED! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for weekly article posts and sign up for events through our contact page. We look forward to hearing more about you and your shade of RED.