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7 Steps to RED


RED 7 is by far the most exciting element RED Lip Talk has to share and we are here to celebrate with you! The RED 7 contains key pieces that help each female get to the place of her beauty, inside and out.

Join us during for the first series of RED 7 launching 2013. To receive more information, email us today and join the RED Movement of women who are choosing to celebrate their timelessness.

RED 7, by RED Lip Talk

Shade One

 Question of the heart


 Angle of perspective


  Set the mark


  Power of movement 


  Freedom in release


  Celebration of change


 Life in RED


For every woman there comes a time when she must make a choice to either nurture the voice within or to silence it. The voice speaks from her soul in need of a welcoming life full of affirmation, confidence, laughter, and accomplishment. The voice calls daily to be celebrated, acknowledged, and valued. On the opposite line of balance lies the single worded, yet heavy, question of, ‘How?’

Though the answer lies truly within the choices and actions of a female heart, RED Lip Talk provides a pathway to aid in getting every woman to where she deserves to be; confident in her every essence of beauty, inside and out! RED 7′s pathway of shades help to reveal the items within a woman’s life that is holding her back from moving forward. Through each RED Shade, you can grow closer to the desired life you wish to live. There is no correct length of time, there is no right or wrong answer, it simply comes down to choice. Your female voice is speaking…will you answer?



“Dare to be RED”