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Together, members of the RED team believe in the mission and vision set forth by the natural movement of RED Lip Talk’s cause for helping broken women and children of today. Through the vision of igniting the confidence within, the team lives and shares the RED world with all whom will listen.

Please join us in providing counseling to mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends for healing, growth, and freedom from generational chains.


LACHELLE | Founder

Inspired by the strong women around her, Lachelle saw a quality within each of their hearts that when believed in, they could ignite endless strengths naturally possessed and overcome anything they set their hearts to. Created as a foundation for all women to celebrate their natural beauty and timelessness, RED Lip Talk is a space that is theirs. Like a faithful friend, She is here to carry them through. For Lachelle, every woman deserves to feel beautiful, in the complete essence of the meaning, and through her mission to live a RED life, believes deeply in feeding one’s soul everyday by doing powerful things to build a life of happiness and freedom from the inside out.

JUSTIN | Marketing & Design

Successful in every project he creates, Justin is a man full of creativity, soul, and passion for the heart of others. As a local business owner, Justin provides his unfailing talents to RLT through all of our marketing and design creations; illustrating the RED brand and message with a level of support unlike any other. In Justin, lies a man who not only sees the natural beauty and timelessness in every woman, but believes in the cause and lives it out through his actions, words, and constant care for us all.



CARRIE ANN | Inspirational Contributor

Surrounded by an unspoken aura of love, happiness, and exploration for life, Carrie Ann’s passions for this world are filled by the spirit of freedom in who you are and she embraces it in everything she does. With an eye for fashion and understanding for natural beauty both inside and out, Carrie Ann brings creative elements to the team with her list of ideas and RED features showcasing unique fashion styles, beauty tips, and more importantly, the sincere love and care for celebrating women.



LUCY | Team Writer

lucy1With an artistic soul and genuine devotion to writing, Lucy’s inventive imagination allows her to embrace the beauty in the world that surrounds her. Her unique attention to detail and dedication to her craft help her find the right words to sculpt her work. Lucy’s RED motivates her to always keep turning the page.