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Why RED?


Visually inspired by beautiful women throughout time, common qualities shared were noticed between each of them.

We call this, RED.


Why RED?

RED is Symbolic|  representing female confidence
RED is a Statement|  every woman can make and should make
RED is Classic|  making it timeless just as the female soul

RED Vision

‘To ignite confidence in all women by celebrating the natural beauty and timelessness of every woman.’

RED Mission

‘To help women reach and become confident in their skin through supportive communication, events and actions.’


RED Lip Talk defined

Confident | the strength of a female heart is fearless when confidence rules her realm.

Celebrate | acknowledging the talents women give to themselves and the world around them, is celebrating the creation of women and what makes them unique.

Beautiful | naturally created, the essence of beauty is held both inside and out by all women.

Timeless | throughout history, red lips has represented a moment in time, a desire, a statement worn by women. From the early 1900s to today, red lips symbolize a woman and a purpose she carries…making her timeless; marking the image of her and her red lips.

“Paint your world in RED!”