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February 4, 2013

How To Shop Classic Vintage Chic

Growing up watching old movies instills within us a certain fondness for the past. Years of watching female icons like Audrey Hepburn twirl around the dance floor wearing long white gloves in Sabrina must have rubbed off somehow because whenever we’re looking for a fashionable…

December 9, 2011

Wrap Me In STOCKINGS & Lace

‘Tis the season to give, share, and be thankful for all the holiday fashion ahead to be enjoyed and endured! With the holiday festivities in full force, RED women around the world are pulling out all the stops. From company parties, to holiday family dinners,…

October 20, 2011

Lash At Your Natural Eye Color

We’ve all heard it said before that ‘the eyes are the windows into one’s soul’, but have we as women taken action to actually show off the pathway that leads so straightly into our sacred little pretty hearts? Knowing the power of a glance from…

October 19, 2011

Arm Your Skin Against The Fall Air

With the change of weather, we find ourselves fighting to do our best in keeping off the effects of chilled air that so often finds its way upon our lovely skin.  As we continuously pull out our bottles of oils and lotions on the go…

October 18, 2011

FALL is here & we're in ‘G-LoVe’!

With the slightest of chill in the air and the beginning times of an earlier sunset, signs of Fall are just around the corner and honestly, we couldn’t be more excited! It’s not that we don’t love the warmth of the summer sunshine or the…

October 6, 2011

Health spells R.E.D

According to, Health is defined as “the general condition of a person in all aspects.” Cross referencing this to the very creation of the word’s definition made in 1948 by the World Health Organization, as known as the WHO, Health was defined then as…

October 6, 2011

Fashion defined…

Fashion in our world is a state of mind illustrating the natural attractions you hold within in a displayed presentation of your heart and soul through various items, actions, and personality traits. In essence, Fashion is 100% sheer confidence and it begins here with you…so…

October 6, 2011

What’s Your Shade of RED?

With over 50 shades of red, it’s definitely easy to understand how one   can get overwhelmed if not at least frightened, to even dive in and discover. Carnelian, Maroon, Rosewood, Scarlet, Burnt Sienna, and the list goes on and on and on. With so many…