Red Lip Talk | FALL is here & we're in ‘G-LoVe’!

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FALL is here & we're in ‘G-LoVe’!


FALL is here & we're in ‘G-LoVe’!

Posted by Lachelle in Fashion, Inspirations, Life 18 Oct 2011

With the slightest of chill in the air and the beginning times of an earlier sunset, signs of Fall are just around the corner and honestly, we couldn’t be more excited! It’s not that we don’t love the warmth of the summer sunshine or the wear of freely hung baby T’s and dresses, but lets be real…with FALL comes FASHION and what girl doesn’t love to have fun this time of year?! From above the knee boots to layers of sweaters, wrapped scarves and pashminas, crochet tights, knit leggings, and loosely woven hats, every outfit comes with personal style and confidence. It’s simply-utterly-sexy.

This year’s obsession for me, g.l.o.v.e.s…Yep, gloves! Knitted, leather, long, short, half cut, you name it we see an outfit dying to be bear the cold. With effortless ease, you can take an adorable stable: the skinny jean, white tank top with heels, add a pair of attention grabbing fall gloves and with your clutch in hand, you are set to role!

With quality gloves averaging around $150 US, I hunted down both stylish and affordable looks at some surprising places. Using a ‘save-onista’ approach, I’ve found both stylish and affordable looks for each of our RED ladies…

LABEL DIVA | If you’re looking for a label, fashion clothing line for the everyday diva in us all, Bebe, is actually launching their 2011 Fall collection; a New York inspired of black leather and lace provides a foundation for their bolds of color for eye catching style. Not yet available in stores, their great pricing ranges from $40-$50 US, so keep your eyes peeled!



ECLECTIC FLARE | If labels don’t mean a thing, I strongly suggest the eclectic style of; an online boutique with a feminine timeless appeal. With prices ranging from $15-$20 US, acquiring a pair of unforgettable gloves is an untouchable steal.



DIY TIP | for many, doing it yourself projects can be a fun and creative escape from life’s mundane cycles. Knitting or cutting your own pair to wear is both easy and affordable! With videos on YouTube and step-by-step directions online, you’ll be making gloves for your female pack before you know it. Price range for this avenue simply depends on how intricate you want to be. Either way, we say go for it!


RED FAVORITE | if we had to choose just one, it is absolutely the rich golden tan leather wrist gloves, fitted over a pair of knitted forearm length gloves; can be worn together or separately…ahhh, love it! And with the price of $35 US for 100% leather, it’s a smile on our face showing straight from the heart. With the ability to continue further in to mixing and matching, not only are these fun, they are fashion!

THREE Looks we LOVE | How to best wear during the Fall season…








What are you favorite pairs to strut your style in? If you find any, share the RED knowledge…we always love hearing from you.

“Feed your style and shine in RED”