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History of RED Women


History of RED Women

Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations, RED Women 10 Oct 2011

Throughout time, women across the years have passed down through each generation inspirations of her triumphs, pains, and lessons learned found in between. As daughters grew to become mothers, the cycle continued. Remembering the words of wisdom each of our mothers have given to us, it is important to share our stories not only with our precious daughters, but with each other as well to help each other grow and feel the natural beauty of our world in which we breathe.

Here, RED Lip Talk searches out real woman of today whose stories not only encourage, but shake the ground beneath us. Through them, we see the strength, courage, and beauty of a woman’s heart of soul. She is fierce and strides confidently in the world she has fought to create.

By sharing their stories, RED Lip Talk strives to encourage you find your shade of ‘RED. You too can be a RED Woman of today. We see it and want you to know.

Each month, RED Lip Talk features a new RED Woman. Join us and hear the details of paths fellow women have walked and get inspired! Feel the timelessness you carry and embrace the RED in you…

“Red Women = RED lives”