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How To Shop Classic Vintage Chic


How To Shop Classic Vintage Chic

Posted by Lachelle in Fashion, Inspirations, Life 04 Feb 2013

Growing up watching old movies instills within us a certain fondness for the past. Years of watching female icons like Audrey Hepburn twirl around the dance floor wearing long white gloves in Sabrina must have rubbed off somehow because whenever we’re looking for a fashionable statement piece, we turn Vintage.

Shopping vintage isn’t always easy and depending on where you go, the price may or may not be right. So we turned to our team of vintage lover and asked RED Lip Talk’s intern Lauren, to give us the insight on her successful hunts for vintage classics…


Lauren’s Top Vintage Points |

“If you’re looking for a bargain, certain givens about your normal clothing purchase must be thrown out the window. First, musty smells must be ignored. Think about it—you’re buying a gorgeous gown for $30 instead of $200. Instead of writing off a potential stunner, opt for a trip to the dry cleaner’s instead.”

“Secondly, forget what you think you know about sizing. Women’s sizes have fluctuated over the years, so don’t be afraid to try something on that’s marked as a different size. If it looks like it might fit, try it on and you might have a winner!”

“Thirdly, be aware of questionable stains. I once bought a pair of 1940’s plaid trousers for $2. Why were they only two dollars, you might ask, well, there was a giant—planetary, really—stain on the seat of the pants, and I bought them anyway! It’s your call, but when it comes to old things, understand that the clothes, not unlike their former owners, lived a full life and might show some wear and tear.”

“Most importantly, when it comes to any outfit—you’re wearing the dress; the dress should never be wearing you. While it’s fun to be daring with outlandish ensembles, make sure you feel confident and chic in whatever you dare to wear…”  Well said!


If you’re looking for a bargain in Los Angeles, California, then make Sunday the day to wake up early and be sure to stop by the ATM; handy cash is going to be needed especially as a bargain tool. To help girls in Southern California stroll through some hot spots, here are some amazing vintage locations for your next valuable vintage finds…


LA BREA AVENUE’S JET RAG has a dollar sale every Sunday. Starting around 9am, store employees begin cutting open bales of clothing and the feeding frenzy begins. This is more challenging for the beginner—thrifty Fashionistas can get very touchy and shoppers have to move FAST. With shoppers grabbing as much as they can as soon as all the bales are opened, you’ll want to keep a close eye on all your fingers and toes. Once you’ve gathered as much as you physically can carry, sort through for the winners off to the side. There’s a fair amount of pressure to grab everything you lay your eyes on, but on the upside, it’s easy to experiment with new styles since you’re only spending a dollar.


THE MELROSE TRADING POST sets up every Sunday at Fairfax High School, offering a bevy of vintage goods for LA hipsters to peruse. While some things can be quite pricey, considering that they’re displayed in a parking lot, there are still bargains to be found. With around 100 stalls, there is a variety of different items to see.


THE ROSE BOWL SWAP MEET, the mother of all LA flea markets, is located at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on the second Sunday of the month from 9am to 3pm. Known for fabulous one-of-a-kind items, be prepared to spend a little bit more on certain items. Bring cash and get out of bed early for the best deals.


RED Looks we LOVE | For some fun and vintage inspiration…


“Fuel the RED in you!” ~ RLT

For other girls looking to shop vintage-smart but not in the Los Angeles area, share with us your favorite locations or try out online boutiques like ModCloth or Vintage Vixen.