Red Lip Talk | How To Wear Your Beauty
In honor of our upcoming 2014 RED Boudoir event Sunday February 16th, we’re celebrating what it means to ROCK our RED with this week’s tribute...
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How To Wear Your Beauty


How To Wear Your Beauty

Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations, RED Women 04 Feb 2014

From the inside out

In honor of our upcoming 2014 RED Boudoir event Sunday February 16th, we’re celebrating what it means to ROCK our RED with this week’s tribute…. 


“A RED Woman wears her beauty from the inside out” – RLT

 {2013′s RED Boudoir. Photo by BrittRene Photo at The Villa San Juan Capistrano. Makeup by Brittany Paige Artistry}

This week’s 3 tips on living RED ~


ONE } Beauty starts with the heart. There is absolutely NOTHING more beautiful than a woman who exuberates self-confidence. Nothing.


TWO } Love the skin you live in. Loving yourself is one pretty useful key to happiness and only you have control over this ladies so remember the power of one’s perspective and commit to making the change or stickin’ to it;)


THREE } Celebrate YOU and your timelessness!  Everything about you is beautifully unique. The things you love to do, the jokes that make you laugh…sculpting each piece together into the person the world around you knows and adores. It’s important to celebrate and honor each and every one of those qualities. They’re what make you, YOU.


Living life for your heart and your heart’s happiness opens doors and pathways for joy, freedom, and love so listen to your heart, believe in yourself, and celebrate the beauty that only you possess.


Love & hugs always!



RED Takeaway ~ This week, go out to do something you enjoy each and every day! Watch a movie, visit a friend, send a loved one a card, no matter how big or small the act, the investment in yourself and life is worth every minute!