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How We Battle For Beauty


How We Battle For Beauty

Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations 05 Dec 2012

It’s no sudden shock to hear about the struggles of self image in life. Through our process of naturally building an ‘ideal self’, we place ourselves in a competition against our very own hopes, wishes, and desires of who we think and feel we should be.


Unfortunately, how we think and feel is heavily directed by the cultural noise outside. Through all the colors and descriptions both seen and heard, there isn’t a cell phone, TV episode, radio station, movie, or magazine that isn’t engraving the constant image of perfection.


Finding themselves accepting the ‘self worth’ definition delivered through society’s endless voice, many women compare themselves to the fictitious elements of Photoshop, facial injections, body enhancements, spray tans (to name a few), and are fighting to find confidence between it all.


With technology at every corner every second of the day, it’s no wonder 8 out 10 women state being ‘unhappy with their own reflection’. It’s an unforgiving battle of beauty out there and wrongfully, the playing ground just simply isn’t real!


Sadly, other major statistics show…

90% of ALL women want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance!

Every 15 seconds a woman is abused!

¾’s of young females with low self-esteem grow up engaging in negative activities, suffering from bulimia, overeating, alcoholism, early sexual behavior, and suicide!


REAL women have curves…that’s what naturally attracts our other half’s. REAL women age and show lines of youth…we can’t help but laugh, smile, and sing when no one’s looking. REAL women, all in all, aren’t perfect…but, REAL women are all beautiful and it’s because of our imperfections that make us uniquely special.


Being the beautifully created woman that you are, RLT wants to highlight and celebrate YOU!!


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