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Lash At Your Natural Eye Color


Lash At Your Natural Eye Color

Posted by Lachelle in Beauty, Inspirations, Life 20 Oct 2011

We’ve all heard it said before that ‘the eyes are the windows into one’s soul’, but have we as women taken action to actually show off the pathway that leads so straightly into our sacred little pretty hearts? Knowing the power of a glance from across the room or even better, the power of confidence exerted from one’s eyes when feeling utterly beautiful…if eyes can be the light into your inner beauty, then why not enhance what is yours and show off the God given eyes that only you have? Like any beautiful love language, silence speaks loudly.

RED LT’s make-up stylist and professional aesthetician, Jasmine Alise, took me, miss want to be all nat-ur-al and gave my eyes a boost I had long forgotten about! First things first, she evaluated my natural completion- a blonde hair, blue eyed girl, and knew exactly what to do. Instructing me to lay down, she started her process. Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting back up and given a rounded hand mirror for my viewing. Knowing the lightness of my hair color, Jasmine had softly tinted my lashes to a deep brown, bringing out the various blue hues in my eyes. And it did right away!

The best part of the tint occurred this morning. Not fully seeing how the darker lashes helped to bring out my natural eye color the night before, waking up to the freshly tinted lashes, I must say, was energizing. Who knew something so quick and easy could add so much to your overall look and feel. I felt like I had mascara on at 5:30 in the morning when I didn’t. Can we say wonderful? Oh yes!

The reason why we are giving tinting of the eye lashes a RED praise is because though lash tinting in itself is amazing and something fun, it provided a small connection to myself and my personal confidence. I really had no idea what and how the smallest thing, like lash tinting could help to empower what is already naturally mine.

Lash tinting can be found at most beauty, hair, nail, and even tanning salons with an in house make-up artist. With average prices ranging from $10-$30 US a session, lash tinting is a great way to give back to yourself in exchange for a couple of visits to the neighboring Starbucks. (don’t worry girls, we love our morning fixes also!)

RED Beauty Tip | Eye Lash Curler…“it’s my beauty must have!”~J.A.

After tinting my lashes, Jasmine just about fell over from shock at the fact that I didn’t use or own an eye lash curler. Pulling one out from her stack of supplies, she handed it over, reminded me how curling your lashes compliments your eye shape by showing me how my lashes looked curled, shook her head and giggled.

If it’s been some time because you’ve forgotten about it or you simply don’t own a lash curler, dust it off or go and purchase a new one at your local beauty store and get to curling! You’ll be surprised at how the smallest of detail makes a difference in showing off your natural qualities.

Today, my lashes are tinted, curled, and I am gleaming. Finding new ways to care for, enhance, and show off your natural beauty is always a win! Try this for yourself and see how you feel. We hope it brings out the RED in you because as a woman, you deserve it!

~ written by RED Lip Talk team member, L.B.

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