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Picking Back Up The RED Torch!


Picking Back Up The RED Torch!

Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations, RED Women 02 Oct 2012

Our Dearest RED Friends & Followers…

As I sit here once again facing this screen, writing this letter out to each of you now, I sigh with a great amount of love and appreciation for all the support felt this past year!

Before putting all of the pieces together, RED Lip Talk has taken off into a powerful stride forward of its’ own and I joyfully grip to hold on as each new twist and turn develops.

With the immense power building behind RLT, the passion to share the love of RED illustrates its’ infectious nature; what it means…how it transforms …transpires…and how together, we celebrate the unleashing of utter beauty in you!

Today, I write to share in our path, to inform you of our plans and growth to come not for any reason other than simply, because.

Because here, within this space of timelessness and celebration, all that you see, read, like, share and experience… is for you. RLT is yours and I’m here to ensure she lives and breathes for you whenever needed. Always.

This is my promise to all of you. This is my RED.

Here’s to us and all that is come!



RLT Founder
New York City with my stunning sis XO!


In 2013, expect a BIGGER, BRIGHTER, STRONGER RED!!!!

Live well. Live RED.