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Arm Your Skin Against The Fall Air


Arm Your Skin Against The Fall Air

Posted by Lachelle in Health, Inspirations, Life 19 Oct 2011

With the change of weather, we find ourselves fighting to do our best in keeping off the effects of chilled air that so often finds its way upon our lovely skin.  As we continuously pull out our bottles of oils and lotions on the go to help shield against the familiar bite of the cold, we ask ourselves, isn’t there better way?

Though there’s no magic wand that we can wave over you to take it all away, we can provide you with some amazing fixes to help lengthen the moisture held within your skin. From home remedies to favorite foods, here is RLT’s Fall Must Do’s….


Olive-n-Lavender | that’s right ladies, olive oil isn’t just for cooking!

Ok, we know how strange this may sound to some of you but we promise, this quick home remedy not only moisturizes, but can also provide a perfect night of  rest and relaxation; a natural after effect of course. Here’s how: simply pour a small amount into a spray bottle and add in a couple of lavender essential oil drops (preferably 3-4 drops per ounce). After you’ve showered and before you slip into your night slip, spray this remedy over your damp skin and allow for a few minutes to soak in. Rub in and towel yourself dry. In the morning, you will feel the difference in your skin and refreshed from the night’s rest!

Vas-o- Mix | a generational recipe that every woman needs to know…

If you haven’t heard it from your grandma yet, this recipe of simplicity is one not to forget and before you go running away screaming over this idea, try it. Again, after you shower and before you dry yourself off, take a small, tiny, ity-bity amount of Vaseline into your fingers and rub it in with the water left over on your skin. Allow for a few minutes to dry before toweling yourself off. Over the next few hours, you will notice an insanely amount of smoothness over your skin that leaves a lasting impression. For legs, this recipe is great at removing razor burn.

RLT tip = if your skin tends to be more on the oily side, stay clear from applying the remedies onto your chest and face. Legs and arms will still feel the love and so will you. If you’re hesitant in fear of breaking out, try it on a targeted area like your elbows, soles of your feet and or lower calf area of your legs…within just a matter of hours, your skin will thank you!


Avo Me | natural + good = avo for 1

Natural fatty foods, like avocados, are a great source to help moisturize your skin from the inside out. Simple small amounts on salads, soups, pastas, and fish will provide for a tasty, as well as a lasting, source for your body. Keep a bowl of avocados on your kitchen counter to remind you.

 Algae Please! | get ready to jump in to the ocean…

straight from the sea, algae sources are various types of red, green, and brown algae commonly known as seaweed. This delectable water plant is an unbelievable anti-oxidant. High in iodine, seaweed naturally attracts pollutants stored in your system and detoxifies your body. The more you eat, the less toxins you’ll have; thus, improving the overall health of your body and well-being of your skin. Try adding it in your salads or swap out the favorite rice paper for seaweed at sushi tonight and start finding other ways to incorporate purifying your system through this natural method.

RLT tip = if eating seaweed doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, many health stores carry the plant in daily capsules making it easy as 1-2-3.


As a woman, it’s never fun feeling the slight sensations of crackling skin so don’t forget to give your self a little extra time and take some of the RED steps to care for the body that is solely yours. We promise, she will thank you!


” Choose to celebrate yourself each day, in every way! “