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Wrap Me In STOCKINGS & Lace


Wrap Me In STOCKINGS & Lace

Posted by Lachelle in Fashion, Inspirations, Life 09 Dec 2011

‘Tis the season to give, share, and be thankful for all the holiday fashion ahead to be enjoyed and endured! With the holiday festivities in full force, RED women around the world are pulling out all the stops. From company parties, to holiday family dinners, and the well anticipated merry date nights with their girls, ladies are running to the closest in hopes of creating that ‘perfect’ holiday look. And for this holiday season, RED Lip Talk pays tribute to the favorite and timeless look our grandmothers and mothers have all worn many winter nights before; the fabulously known and forever in style, Stockings and Lace!

The best part about this holiday addition is the price. With even the most amazing style of stockings available from stores, both locally and online, you can grab a pair anywhere from 12.00 to 60.00 US dollars; pending where you shop of course.  By adding this well ranged accessory to the items you currently already own, you’ve not only saved the bank for a holiday gift to the lovely woman in your life, but you’ve got a new look that can be added to multiple pieces presently hanging in your closest! Take a moment to know what you have and check out the different options you can easily create for a festive and inexpensive holiday look…


CLASSIC BLACK | An absolute staple in the world of fashion, the Classic Black look serves for a sleek and clean style that flatters every female figure. If you have a favorite black or cozy winter sweater dress, just roll these babies up and create a look that is always a well played creation with endless limits, no matter what you wear! For the thick opaque look, try dancer’s tights; they are tighter in material and blacker to the eye.


TEXTURED FLARE | Beautiful in everyway, Textured stockings are a holiday style illustrating a crossing of edge and femininity. Creating a vintage look in a modern way is always an eye catcher and is another high RED favorite. As a focal point to your style, mixing this flare with other textures such as faux fur or leather, can add to the overall holiday feel. To help keep your legs warm, try adding leg warmers around your ankles either under a pair of boats or over your heels.


COZY NUETRALS | Warm by the fire, Cozy Neutrals are relaxing and adorable for any winter day look. Whether you are at home wrapping gifts sipping on your favorite flavor of chai tea, or out and about in the holiday madness, this look is comfortable and matches perfectly with any style of boot. For a full ‘cozy’ ensemble, try soft woven stockings (which you’ll find yourself wanting to live in!) mixed with clothing items in browns, creams, tans, or even grays. As an overall mix of natural shades, you’ll be the perfect representation of beauty and grace.


RED FAVORITE | By the elegance of holly and cheerful toasts, this bold style steams from a color dear to our hearts…Ladies, meet Maroon. As a fun and flirty choice for any occasion, this color can go either way. Dress it up for dinner or down for a movie night…regardless of the festivity at hand, you’ll be exuberating the very moment in which you stand. For this, we select Maroon stockings as a holiday favorite!


THREE looks we LOVE | Some festive inspiration…








Have a holiday staple you’d like to share? Please tell all and pass along your RED knowledge…we always, always, always love hearing from you!


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