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Women Sponsoring Women

14 Feb 2014 Posted by Lucy in Inspirations, RED Women

How helping others brings us happiness


As women, we tend to often lend a helping hand to others. (What can we say, it’s in our nature!) With Valentine’s Day here, we want to put an emphasis on all of the love and support that has both healed and bonded so many women because of such acts of kindness. Alone, women are independent and strong, but together, they have the ability to empower and remind each another of their potential for greatness.


WHEN WE CHOOSE TO HELP ONE ANOTHER, we find in ourselves a gratification that is greater than anything that can come from other worldly fixations. Being a rock for others not only allows us to learn more about ourselves but it also lets us take part in a chain reaction for the greater good. There is always an opportunity for kindness and there are so many ways that women can help carry one other in times of need.


One way that women can support each other is through sponsorship. Finding ways to help local businesses that carry similar traits to your own is a great way to start a support system. Doing so can allow you to make positive connections and help spread the word about what you have to offer, all while helping and inspiring others to do what they LOVE.


One thing that we very strongly believe, however, is that sponsoring other women does not mean that you have to take out your checkbook. To sponsor can also mean to support. There are countless ways you can help others, whether it be by volunteering in your community, joining organizations, or even being there for a friend who is already dear to you. Not only will you be there for those who need it the most, but you will also be making a world of difference.


This Valentine’s Day remember that love can be defined as much more than romance. Love is friendship, togetherness, and support. LOVE IS WHERE COMPASSION SHOWS and where women link together to accomplish something far greater than what we already think is the greater good.


We would like to say an extra special *thank you* to RED Lip Talk’s very own sponsors for our upcoming 2014 Boudoir event this Sunday…Brittany @ BrittRene Photo, Noel @ Hey Saylor Cosmetics, Emily @ Stella & Dot, and others! Because of our wonderful supporters {YOU}, we have been able to accomplish so much! Thank you ladies! 


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!




“The best feeling is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy ” ~ Unknown

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A Celebration of Timeless Women

07 Feb 2014 Posted by Lucy in Inspirations, Life

She believed she could, so she did.



All of our limitations in life are set by what we believe we can do. If a woman believes she will hit the target, she will aim high and she will succeed.


As women, we share a togetherness; a bond that empowers us and gives us the strength to not only persevere, but also pursue. When times are rough, it can be hard to feel this strength, but it is important to remember that you are never alone in your struggle. Through our many different journeys in life, we as women find our own exceptional ways to conquer and stand tall and true.




Every single woman is strong; there is no doubt about it, and knowing this truth can allow a unique and humble self confidence to completely envelop the woman that is you. When we tap into our confidence, we unravel our inner beauty – the most beautiful kind of beauty there is. This beauty allows us to be bold, courageous, and optimistic – it encourages us to be the women we want to be and it motivates us to achieve the highest of our goals. It is up to us to rise above any challenge presented to us and to remember that sometimes it is ok to have our own moments to shine.




Every woman deserves to be celebrated. Not just today, not just this week, or this month, but always. There’s no harm in throwing a little celebration for the wonderful person that is you. Take yourself out for a bite to eat or spend some time with the people who uplift you and make you feel the way you deserve to feel. However you choose to, choose to celebrate yourself in a way that will make you happy. Be proud of your successes and achievements and hold on to that positive energy. Continue to inspire yourself and allow yourself the freedom to do what makes you happy. Don’t ever forget that you are a woman who is absolutely, totally worth it.



{2013 Boudoir RED Women. Images by BrittRene Photo}

Here’s to us ladies!



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  • Live Well. Live RED! ~ RLT

    ~ RED Lip Talk

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How We Battle For Beauty

05 Dec 2012 Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations

It’s no sudden shock to hear about the struggles of self image in life. Through our process of naturally building an ‘ideal self’, we place ourselves in a competition against our very own hopes, wishes, and desires of who we think and feel we should be.


Unfortunately, how we think and feel is heavily directed by the cultural noise outside. Through all the colors and descriptions both seen and heard, there isn’t a cell phone, TV episode, radio station, movie, or magazine that isn’t engraving the constant image of perfection.


Finding themselves accepting the ‘self worth’ definition delivered through society’s endless voice, many women compare themselves to the fictitious elements of Photoshop, facial injections, body enhancements, spray tans (to name a few), and are fighting to find confidence between it all.


With technology at every corner every second of the day, it’s no wonder 8 out 10 women state being ‘unhappy with their own reflection’. It’s an unforgiving battle of beauty out there and wrongfully, the playing ground just simply isn’t real!


Sadly, other major statistics show…

90% of ALL women want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance!

Every 15 seconds a woman is abused!

¾’s of young females with low self-esteem grow up engaging in negative activities, suffering from bulimia, overeating, alcoholism, early sexual behavior, and suicide!


REAL women have curves…that’s what naturally attracts our other half’s. REAL women age and show lines of youth…we can’t help but laugh, smile, and sing when no one’s looking. REAL women, all in all, aren’t perfect…but, REAL women are all beautiful and it’s because of our imperfections that make us uniquely special.


Being the beautifully created woman that you are, RLT wants to highlight and celebrate YOU!!


Photographer, Britt Rene Modeling Boudoir

Introducing, RED Lip Talk’s Boudoir Photo Shoot of 2013!

That’s right!!!!

We are celebrating our timelessness as a woman and embracing all the joys of being a *girl* With an amazing venue, The Villa SJC, beyond talented photographer Britt Rene Photography, flawless Makeup & Hair Artistry by Brittany Paige & RLT stylists, not to mention, amazing moments with fellow RED ladies, how can one say NO?!

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Brittany Waddell | A Heart Filled By ‘HOPE’

13 Jan 2012 Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations, RED Women

Introducing RED Woman, Brittany Waddell


After sitting down with Brittany Waddell over a Saturday morning coffee, I walked away completely surrounded by an overwhelming aura of delight mixed with splashes of tranquility. Feeling touched by the words of her journey and strongly motivated towards my own items in pursuit, I felt the true essences of passion in which she exuberates. Within her bohemian flare and gentle smile, Brittany perfectly represents the very soul in which she was created to be and after about 5 minutes of being in her company, no one could argue with that; nor would they want too.


Currently living a fabulous life as a creative photographer and international business owner in Newport Beach, California, like most, Brittany’s story started along a difficult path where both her spirit and body where challenged beyond one’s imagine. Waking to another morning like any other…she was young, engaged, and in the final years of college, Brittany’s world suddenly changed dramatically.


Imagine…What if all of a sudden your body had become so allergic to every day foods, that your body completely stops absorbing the very nutrients it needs in order to function?…You wouldn’t be able to drive. Be social with friends. Or even fight to keep your body weight from rapidly disappearing to the point of an anorexic state despite your efforts in having to eat every 15 minutes simply to keep from passing out…imagine…just for a moment…


Hearing the words from another medical specialist that she would not live past the age of 25, brought nothing short of pain and a lost sense of control. This was Brittany’s day-to-day reality over the course of a 4 year battle not only for her happiness, but for her life.

B - “You definitely hit your lows and think, ‘I don’t see myself coming out of this and helping other people, it’s just not going to happen because I’m not even going to get through this”


Yet, for Brittany, the game didn’t end there. Like a true and zealous fighter, she didn’t take prior professional speculation as an end to her means. She fought, she struggled, and during her relentless stride, Brittany leaned closely to her family and the passions of her heart.

B - “Above all else, you have to have a positive outlook”


Illustrated by small depictions of ink softly rooted in her skin, a simple tattoo of ‘HOPE’ written in her mother’s handwriting, lays across her petite wrist; representing their promise to each other through a series of significant words: H-appiness, O-ptimism, P-assion, and E-nthusiasm. The other, a faithful cross joined by Proverbs 3:5-6, ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…and he will make your paths straight.”

B – “This was a huge reminder to just slow down, let go of the reigns, and see what happens”


Watching Brittany recite about her yesterdays and the dark moments that led her into a life of peace and meaning was a beautiful thing to observe! She lives very freely within the radiance of her heart felt hope, enjoying the capturing of life’s moments for each of her clients from behind her talented trapping lens.

B – “This is so fun…it’s about the connection, grabbing the true moment”


Before going our separate ways, I ended our session asking Brittany ‘if there was something you could say to each of the women out there about what it means to be ‘RED’, what would it be?

B - “Never look back, but always remember. You can’t change [the] past so embrace it. Love it. Move forward and don’t make mistakes that you made before…enjoy the ride. Find something you believe in and go for it. You only live once. You do with it what you want; be it big or small, extravagant. Do it! Because the only regret you can have, is the regret you didn’t try”

*Brittany in action with work & play as both the Maid of Honor & Wedding Photographer


And this, my dear ladies, is exactly why we name Brittany a ‘RED Woman’; for in her heart of HOPE, represents the purest form of an unbreakable soul. In Brittany, lives the inspiration that is found in each of us! So listen closely and begin to trust the inspirations of your inner voice because She is there, your RED, and has a lot to say if you let Her.


Brittany’s wonderful wall of inspiration begins here and stops, as she would put it, when she says so…

 “A special THANK YOU to Miss Brittany Waddell for her time & endless support! We adore this girl and celebrate her RED style! “~ RLT


Works by BrittRene Photography | 

Brittany Waddell’s successful talents are expressed through her daily snaps of life captured in their most innocent of moments. Her works can be found on her website,, as well as her facebook fan page.