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A Celebration of Timeless Women

07 Feb 2014 Posted by Lucy in Inspirations, Life

She believed she could, so she did.



All of our limitations in life are set by what we believe we can do. If a woman believes she will hit the target, she will aim high and she will succeed.


As women, we share a togetherness; a bond that empowers us and gives us the strength to not only persevere, but also pursue. When times are rough, it can be hard to feel this strength, but it is important to remember that you are never alone in your struggle. Through our many different journeys in life, we as women find our own exceptional ways to conquer and stand tall and true.




Every single woman is strong; there is no doubt about it, and knowing this truth can allow a unique and humble self confidence to completely envelop the woman that is you. When we tap into our confidence, we unravel our inner beauty – the most beautiful kind of beauty there is. This beauty allows us to be bold, courageous, and optimistic – it encourages us to be the women we want to be and it motivates us to achieve the highest of our goals. It is up to us to rise above any challenge presented to us and to remember that sometimes it is ok to have our own moments to shine.




Every woman deserves to be celebrated. Not just today, not just this week, or this month, but always. There’s no harm in throwing a little celebration for the wonderful person that is you. Take yourself out for a bite to eat or spend some time with the people who uplift you and make you feel the way you deserve to feel. However you choose to, choose to celebrate yourself in a way that will make you happy. Be proud of your successes and achievements and hold on to that positive energy. Continue to inspire yourself and allow yourself the freedom to do what makes you happy. Don’t ever forget that you are a woman who is absolutely, totally worth it.



{2013 Boudoir RED Women. Images by BrittRene Photo}

Here’s to us ladies!



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The Red Lip Talk team would love for you to join us for our 2nd Annual RED Boudoir Event taking place on Sunday, February 16th!  Don’t hesitate to celebrate the woman that is you!