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Katie’s Top 3 Fashion Spring Trends

30 Mar 2014 Posted by Katie in Fashion


Let Spring’s Fashion Faves Begin!

Ok Ladies the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and wardrobes are ready for a fresh new spring look!

For this season’s top faves, I’ve selected 3 simple, yet fun ways to celebrate the season.

Trend # 1 } Able to be dressed up or down, it’s all about floral!


Trend #2 } Tis the season to highlight the softer side of life. What’s your favorite pastel?


Trend #3 } Sweetness no matter what time of day, lace can be worn in various different ways…


Check out my styling tips on how to dress up or down the looks in our vblog and get to rockin’ your RED!

Thanks for joining us lovelies and wishing each of you a fun, fresh, and beautiful spring season!

Till next season;)