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Women Sponsoring Women

14 Feb 2014 Posted by Lucy in Inspirations, RED Women

How helping others brings us happiness


As women, we tend to often lend a helping hand to others. (What can we say, it’s in our nature!) With Valentine’s Day here, we want to put an emphasis on all of the love and support that has both healed and bonded so many women because of such acts of kindness. Alone, women are independent and strong, but together, they have the ability to empower and remind each another of their potential for greatness.


WHEN WE CHOOSE TO HELP ONE ANOTHER, we find in ourselves a gratification that is greater than anything that can come from other worldly fixations. Being a rock for others not only allows us to learn more about ourselves but it also lets us take part in a chain reaction for the greater good. There is always an opportunity for kindness and there are so many ways that women can help carry one other in times of need.


One way that women can support each other is through sponsorship. Finding ways to help local businesses that carry similar traits to your own is a great way to start a support system. Doing so can allow you to make positive connections and help spread the word about what you have to offer, all while helping and inspiring others to do what they LOVE.


One thing that we very strongly believe, however, is that sponsoring other women does not mean that you have to take out your checkbook. To sponsor can also mean to support. There are countless ways you can help others, whether it be by volunteering in your community, joining organizations, or even being there for a friend who is already dear to you. Not only will you be there for those who need it the most, but you will also be making a world of difference.


This Valentine’s Day remember that love can be defined as much more than romance. Love is friendship, togetherness, and support. LOVE IS WHERE COMPASSION SHOWS and where women link together to accomplish something far greater than what we already think is the greater good.


We would like to say an extra special *thank you* to RED Lip Talk’s very own sponsors for our upcoming 2014 Boudoir event this Sunday…Brittany @ BrittRene Photo, Noel @ Hey Saylor Cosmetics, Emily @ Stella & Dot, and others! Because of our wonderful supporters {YOU}, we have been able to accomplish so much! Thank you ladies! 


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!




“The best feeling is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy ” ~ Unknown

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From Life to Art…

19 Apr 2013 Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations

Like in every girl’s life, we start out innocent with young eager hearts, ready for the world! And as we grow, we experience unfailing trials and triumphs that make us both fly and fall… sometimes even somewhat simultaneously.


But regardless of the scars, tears, and fears… we come through drenched from head-to-toe in new outlooks and appreciations; like a clear white canvas, we blossom into a piece of art for all to see.


With each stroke of a brush, we illustrate the movements of where we’ve been and what we’ve learned. From the shapes of our imagery, we carry our memories both good and bad because through it all, we are created and we are *living*. Like a a painting hung on a wall, we share our story for all to see, to take in, to reflect upon and hope that through our walk, we may inspire others.


{images by alexandra valenti}

From life to art, we jump in with both hands ready and invite you to join us as we celebrate our beauty and strength during our next RED Event happening Sunday, May 19th!

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