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My RED Ladies

25 Feb 2014 Posted by Lachelle in RED Women


Surrounded By Soul Sisters

Where do I begin to express the words along this page that sincerely describes my utter love and appreciation??? Honestly, I’m not sure I can ever fully captivate all that I feel but with today’s post, I hope to celebrate more than just a joyous road ahead!


Behind the scenes of RED Lip Talk is a team of friends, soul~sisters, that together motivate, encourage, and inspire! I call them my *RED Ladies*


Each with their own careers, families, triumphs and struggles, they never fail to stand beside me wherever this RED road ventures. With their constant outreach of love towards me and this cause of ours, I am lifted and empowered.


To My RED Ladies ~ my absolute THANK YOU for believing in me and helping to change not only the lives and hearts of others, but mine as well! I can’t see this beautiful creation flourish the way is has {and continues} without each of your beautiful smiles. You are with me in every way always and I thank the heavens for the endless blessings this world gives me through each of you!


With the recent RED Boudoir Event, I wanted to make sure to get a lil photo shoot in for My Ladies {hehe} And of course, they ROCKED it!!! Check it out;)…








I love you ladies!!!!



Can’t wait to see how our *Boudoir* Ladies images come out:) {eeekkk!!!} Event pics & video in creation!!! Stay tuned lovelies.