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A Thanksgiving Reflection

28 Nov 2013 Posted by Lachelle in Inspirations, Life

my powerful blessings


There’s something about this time of year that brings more than a family holiday to the table…there’s a sudden strong sense to stop, reflect, acknowledge, and praise over one’s blessings and for the Thanksgiving holiday, I am happily surrendering to the urge;)


Though we hold deeply in our hearts the love we express during the holidays year round, day-to-day routines, schedules, and overall pulls of life can’t help but take away those precious moments of gratitude; often clogging up our minds far from what we love most. Sad right?! And unfortunately, we all do it. Luckily we can control our choices and choose to turn off the noise keeping us so far from home.


Today, I celebrate the powerful 5 blessings in my life and promise to not only praise them today, but everyday!


ONE} LOVE. I am thankful for the man in my life. As my best friend, my inspiration, my mentor, my love and husband, he pushes me everyday to be the best woman I can be…the woman he sees in me, and I am forever thankful to God above for giving me such a gift of love and support through him!



TWO} SISTERHOOD. I am thankful for the amazingly strong ladies in my corner with whom I am blessed to share in immense laughter and tears with! My beautiful BFs. These ladies of mine have all stepped in at different times and waves of my life, growing up together in new ventures and watching each other not only stumble and fall, but beautifully rise and overcome. They are my sisters of the heart and life long treasures!


THREE} INSPIRATION. I am thankful for the pure inspiration I get the glory of receiving from each of you, our RED Friends and Ladies! Whether you’ve attended one of our RED events or shared with us online, your stories, smiles, and hearts literally fuel the fire of what this journey we walk together along is all about and I’m utterly humbled EVERY DAY by your beauty inside and out!


FOUR} STRENGTH. I am thankful for the struggles, even the deep dark ones.  We don’t know why the tears and fears are happening when we are there, and not to lessen the power behind the pain, but when we do start to make the step forward towards healing, the pieces of the picture come together for an unforgettable image that shapes our hearts forever. And for everything I have ever fought through, I say very lovingly and proudly, “THANK YOU!”


FIVE} PEACE. I am thankful for the ability to forgive. No matter the issue, big or small, forgiving those whom have wronged us and brought pain is a beautiful quality. Finding the ability to release not only gives us peace but pure inspiration. By finding my peace, there’s absolutely nothing in my past that I would change! Nothing. Not because it didn’t hurt but because of the heart-felt peace I found and live out within my body and soul.


Having the above 5 blessings of my life written out shares the joy and celebrated perspective I have for each of them. I encourage you to take some time to reflect on what makes you, YOU, and celebrate all that you love most!


From my RED to yours, here’s to our thankful hearts!



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